Tuesday, February 9, 2016

World class fertility treatments are available in India.

In the category of the fertility treatment in india on the top rank is the IVF. Do you ever think that what all the important factors that play an important role in the successful IVF treatment because most of the time we didn’t notice that how does a IVF treatment performed so in that case we are very open to discuss all the problems and the condition of the patient. We are presenting IVF with egg donor and the sperm donor. Most of the time when the patient face the problem of infertility, in female due to the poor egg quality and the low count of sperm.

Now look at the procedure from the selecting the egg donor to transfer it in the uterus of the women.
 Application and screening for Egg Donor: Firstly, the egg donor must go through an initial screening and two rounds of interviews. One is with clinical coordinator and other is with our specialist. We will add only those donor applicants, who will pass all these screening steps in our egg donor program and can be matched with a recipient couples. fertility India clinic is very selective while choosing the egg donor applicants.

Matching of Egg Donor: When a couple decides to use the donor eggs, they can view our donor bank online and can select the donor as per of their choice from our donor bank. A tentative egg donor match made recipient couple to move forward with a specific donor. After that, our IVF coordinator will contact the donor and check their availability. If the egg donor is available then she needs to pass an FDA round of testing for an official match. Some donors are selected and matched to a recipient very quickly after they apply; others may take months or years before they are selected; still others may never be selected.

Ovarian Stimulation for the Egg Donor: The egg donors will self-administer daily injections to suppress her natural cycle so that donor and recipient cycles are synchronized. During the ovarian stimulation, egg donor uses a daily injection of gonadotropin to stimulate her ovaries.
To ensure that the ovaries are responding well and not going into hyperstimulation, it is necessary to monitor the egg donor closely through ultrasound scans. This means that egg donor needs to visit IVF clinic regularly.

Trigger and Egg Retrieval for the Egg Donor: When an ultrasound scan shows that the donor eggs have sufficiently been developed, then the donor will be instructed to trigger ovulation with an injection called hCG. After two days, her eggs will be retrieved in IVF clinic, while the donor is asleep one of our expert will use aspiration needle, guided by ultrasound, to transvaginal to retrieve the eggs. The donor will be required to take the rest of the day off to recover.

Fertilization and Embryo Transfer: The retrieved eggs are fertilized with donor’s sperm, if using fresh sperms then partner need to visit the IVF clinic to produce a sample. Embryos transfer to the recipient uterus after 3 days from egg retrieval and recipient must be in IVF Clinic in India for the entire cycle.

Post-Retrieval Check-up for the Donor: The donor need to visit our IVF Clinic Delhi for a post-retrieval check-up so that we make sure that the donor responding properly for both ovarian stimulation and retrieval. In most of the cases, there is no problem for a donor to returning normal after egg retrieval as our clinical team closely monitor the donor progress and stay in touch with her till the time she fully recovers. From the start of egg retrieval till the egg donation it is a process of about 3-5 weeks.

 Pregnancy Tests for the Recipient: Pregnancy test of the recipient will be done two weeks after the embryo transfer through blood tests that will measure the level of hCG. After two normal rising hCG tests and an ultrasound demonstrating a pregnancy, recipients are "discharged" to their obstetricians for prenatal care.

For the successful IVF treatment visit the best fertility clinic India because in the modern and the latest equipments are the USP of the fertility clinics. with the treatment of them it is possible that the patient can conceive the child not only once but twice as well.

Through the fertility clinic India it is possible that the patient has many chance to live rate of the pregnancy because there is huge difference between the success rate and the IVF live rate.  As we have already said that we have already stand to gather for the treatment of the patient because we have a great experienced and successful equipment that can easily enhance the chance for the patients to conceive the child with great expectations.

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